Cara Morales-Burch

A Future Entrepreneur

Meet Cara. She's an aspiring entrepreneur who is building a business with her friends. Together they craft and sell bracelets at school and donate a portion of the proceeds to an important cause that empowers girls in other parts of the world.


When I grow up...

I want to start my own company. I'm getting a glimpse into entrepreneurship now with Brookies' Bracelets, a business that I started with my friends. It's so fun! 


Describe yourself in three words

Smart, kind, creative.

Girls Co-Girls Co-0002.jpg

Brookies' Bracelets role

I'm the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Brookies' Bracelets. As CEO, I set the vision for the company and lead the team

Who do you admire? 

Definitely my parents. My mom is an entrepreneur too... she's been an inspiration for me as I build Brookies' Business. My dad is an artist.  He's inspired my more creative side. I could craft all day long. I like balancing my business-minded side with my more creative side. 

 Since starting the business, I've been reading about prominent female entrepreneurs. They're such trailblazers. I've read about Madame CJ Walker, Estee Lauder, and Sara Blakely.  Because I'm leading a team for the first time, I'm also reading about a lot of leaders, past and present... everyone from George Washington to Sheryl Sandberg. 

A goal

Sponsoring the educations of at least 100 girls in need through Brookies' Bracelets. 

A quote you love

I’m not bossy. I’m the boss.
— Beyonce

A book you love

My mom grew up reading the Baby-Sitters Club series about a group of middle school entrepreneurs. She gave me the first ten books of the series as birthday gift when I turned 9. I've been super inspired by the books and I love that at one time, these same books inspired my mom. Kristy and Claudia are my favorites. 

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Favorite female character

Hermione. 100%.

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Favorite scene from a movie

The one with Belle's library in Beauty and the Beast. Those books!

What's hanging on your bedroom wall?

Art! A lot of art. My favorite is a painting that my dad made that I always keep on display. That's the only thing that's constant. I switch everything else up depending on my mood. Sometimes I hang posters and other times I make collages or scribble quotes on the wall. Someone said my room is very Instagram-worthy, which I think is a compliment. 

A food you could eat every day for the rest of your life

Breakfast sandwiches. Or anything that Maya makes. Maya hosts sleepovers for our group of friends every week and she's always cooking and baking for us. She's really into science and likes to think of cooking as one big science experiment.

Your future.

Continuing to build Brookies' Bracelets and giving back to girls in need.