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Meet Girls & Co, Building Dolls To Become The Role Model For Every Girl
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Our story


Growing up as a young Indian-American girl, I didn't see a representation of myself in the toys that I played with, particularly my dolls. I was especially surprised when 20 years later, I saw that little had changed in such an influential industry. I decided to build something better and launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a new line of dolls for tiny trailblazers-to-be. Our dolls are smart, ambitious, diverse role models for young girls. The response was overwhelming and I'm proud of what we built.  

I started this company out of my parent's garage and my tiny New York city one-bedroom apartment. It's been an incredible journey with many pinch-me moments along the way. By far, one of my favorite parts has been meeting other female founders who have created products with similar missions to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders. We're elated to feature and sell many of their products in our store.  

Thank you for supporting us! We're just getting started.  

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Book 1: Cara's Story

Cara Morales-Burch and her six best friends are smart, driven, and caring fifth-graders. When a fun sleepover activity turns into an idea for a business, they dive right in! This is the story of how the girls of Willowbrook Elementary worked together to build a socially conscious business with an important mission.

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Book 2: Mackenzie's Story

Mackenzie Hill is running for President of her fifth grade class. Not only is she the most qualified and passionate candidate, she's running on a platform that she believes can truly bring positive change to Willowbrook Elementary. While she has the support of the Brookies, she will need to face off against Joey, the class bully, who is lying to get the vote of his classmates. 

Cast your vote

After reading The Brookies vs the Bully: Mackenzie Runs for President, you're invited to vote. Who do you think should be the next Willowbrook Elementary class president? Mackenzie or Joey? 


Dolls for the next generation of leaders